The Awarua Trust has generously supported me during all three years of study towards my Agricultural Science degree.  I am proud to be associated with a trust that is all about supporting its local community. Thanks Awarua Trust!

Nicole Steele

The purpose of the trust is to promote and support charitable purposes (as such term is defined in Section 5(1) of the Charities Act 2005) within New Zealand including but not limited to:

  • The advancement of education by advancing and supporting education in all aspects of and research into sustainable and efficient farming and agricultural practices;
  • To advance education and to relieve poverty by supporting the social and economic development, and education in New Zealand, of persons of Pacific Island and in particular Solomon Island descent;
  • To advance religion by the advancement and promotion of Christian teaching and activities in New Zealand;
  • To be beneficial to the community by advancing and supporting cultural and educational purposes in the Morrinsville community and in particular the study of its history and preservation of historical sites, information, and artefacts: and the encouragement of its artists and performers.